About Us

About Us

Canadian-Based Social Enterprise & International Student Recruitment Agency

Who We Are

BT Global Access is a Canadian-Based Social Enterprise & International Student Recruitment Agency dedicated to promoting global cooperation through education and intercultural links. Our mission is to retain Canada as a top destination for international students and help Canadian businesses and youth led start-ups to scale up investment opportunities in Africa and vice versa to contribute to Canada’s competitiveness.

Our agency also aims at providing resources and investments opportunities by bringing together key private sectors, civil society and government institutions. By doing so, we want to develop equal opportunities for Canadian investing in Africa and Africans investing in Canada.


To be effective leaders in building sustainable bridges and partnerships between various countries through education, business development and intercultural links.


Our mission is to provide a safe, rewarding and supportive international study experience, and nurturing intercultural links with the ultimate aim of preparing youth to become respectable global citizens and  future leaders.


Our core values are deeply rooted in collaboration, integrity, innovation and diversity.  We diligently partner with students, parents and businesses to create value and exceed their expectations in the collective spirit of innovation and transparency.

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Our Team

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Founder & CEO

Ousman Conteh


Director of Marketing & Digital Services

Patricia Assabe

Pr. Lamin Jabbi

Education Advisor

Prof. Lamin Jabbi

Nava Elmi

Immigration Lawyer

Nava Elmi

Sandra Bowen

Immigration Consultant

Sandra Bowen

Joseph copy

Strategic Advisor

Joseph Hammond